4 responses to “Free Books”

  1. Samantha Bangayan

    Ruth, you are my hero in so many ways. Not only in the way you handled all the publishing for your books yourself, but also for your kind-hearted soul. Thank you oh so much for this offer! Heading over to send you an email right now!

  2. Patricia

    Ruth-I happened upon your page as a ‘click’ on another page on FB. (Yes, I know.. it sounds like I was on an adventure doesn’t it?)

    I am so glad that I clicked!
    I loved reading a bit about your books and ,your endeavors.
    Writing (something I do as well) is not quite the glamorous life that some people think. But in moments like this, when you read someone’s words and you just feel heart-connected, I am so thankful to be a writer AND a reader.

    Blessings to you always and please continue to write!
    I look forward to reading The Simple Life!